ReFactory is a mobile 2D strategy game with a focus on construction and logistics where you build an automated mega-factory on an alien planet.

ReFactory is not only about building production sites. This is a world that lives by your rules and develops in proportion to your mistakes.

Wrong resources distribution will halt the development of the city. Think a few steps ahead and keep the factory safe.

  • Extract resources
  • Research technologies
  • Build infrastructure
  • Automate production
  • Fight alien enemies
  • Play on different devices

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans


Sky Clash is an epic MMO RTS with stunning 3D visuals. Here you can explore an incredible Steampunk world and build up your empire on floating island set up high in the skies.

Develop your base, defend it from enemies, battle other players, join clans and make alliances.

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans is a unique PvP / PvE war game. Lead your army, conquer new lands and become the king of the sky!

  • 3D steampunk world of MMORPG and RTS
  • Build up your cloud base to an unbeatable fort
  • Hire troops and heroes to develop your own winning strategy
  • Take part in online PvP battles and epic 4x4 Clan Wars
  • Fight monsters, hunt pirates and rush for gold in the PvE mode

Sky to Fly: Battle Arena


Sky to Fly: Battle Arena is a 3D multiplayer online shooter presented with high-quality and bright performance.

You are given a choice of several classes of equipment, each sample of which can be developed and upgraded in several ways.

Go into battle! Here your goal is to destroy all living things in order to become a winner!

Separately worth noting the excellent graphics, which you have not yet seen on mobile platforms, and live animation will make the gameplay even more flavor.

  • Over 25 battle ships
  • Over 150 unique ship skills
  • 4 main types of weapons
  • Over 1'000'000 build variations for each battle ship
  • 4 stunning battle maps
  • Epic 3v3 and 5v5 battles

Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan


Sky to Fly: Soulless Leviathan is an action runner. Upon learning of the impending attack on Vetropolis, the main hero has decided to become an Agent, but the corrupt authorities want to stop him.

You will have to fight with an army of robots, be thrown into jail, and lead the clan that worshiped by the ancient Servicemen. In this part, you will have to fight a lot, indeed, shoot a lot and perform aerobatic maneuvers at top speed.

And while you're enjoying 25 game levels, reaching your goal and mission, you can upgrade you ship and discover a fantastic world beyond the clouds.

  • 25 core missions + 9 additional quests + endless mode
  • 15 locations + 6 boosters
  • 14 charismatic characters to show you this virtual world
  • 5 types of flying ships with lots of upgrades
  • 8 crew members
  • 14 types of enemies

Sky to Fly: Faster Than Wind


Sky to Fly: Faster Than Wind is a stunningly beautiful steampunk-themed runner about saving a sky-city from cruel pirates. Play on 20+ different levels, upgrade your ship and discover the mysteries of the malicious marauders.

The game swings you to an alternative reality in which people had to abandon the solid earth buried under debris, for the islands floating high above.

  • 3 hours in the story mode
  • 20 core missions + 9 additional quests
  • 10 types of beautiful locations + 6 boosters to pick up while flying
  • 12 charismatic characters, who get you acquainted with the new virtual world
  • 4 types of ships to fly and upgrade
  • 8 crew members to hire for the unique playing experience
  • 9 types of enemies



Sky2Fly is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for PC where you can fly in a sky ship.

Sky2Fly was launched in 2009 and was extremely well-received by the gaming press and noted at conferences of developers of computer games. The game was awarded the first prizes at Flash GAMM and RFA in 2010.

  • Steampunk browser 3D-game
  • Clan Wars and other online PvE / PvP battles
  • Improving your character and battle ships (skills, upgrades, buffs, crew etc)
  • Endless hours of gameplay for exploration of an amazing world